Thursday, April 15, 2010

Accepting Credit Cards at Shows

With the craft and art show season upon us I wanted to share with you a way you can accept credit cards at shows. People are more apt to make a larger purchase if they can put it on their credit card. At one show I had over $700 in credit card sales, I wondered how many I would have missed out if I had not offered this option. I use the ProPay service to run my credit cards and this can be done on any cell phone. However if you are busy or it is noisy as is usually the case it is hard to do this, it takes time and is hard to hear the prompts on the phone. I just learned about PocketPay.ME, this is a 3rd party service that allows you to key in all the info and charges a yearly fee of $9.95 (10% disc. with code "etsy") and a 10 cents per transaction fee. I feel this extra service is worth it. You do need a Propay account to use Pocketpay. I called Propay and emailed PocketPay to double check on the fees and it is correct. This service works on all smart phones, Iphone, blackberry and cell phones.
I am not getting paid for this information, just wanted to share with you what has worked for me.


  1. You need to maximize your market. This seems to be an easy, effective and not too expensive way to do that. Wanna buy a horse? I accept PayPal!

  2. awesome, thanks for sharing!

  3. With the level of your sales you are very wise to accept credit cards and be prepared for the upcoming season. Happy credit accepting...

  4. that was certainly a huge amount of information so generously shared... and one i must look into for this year... it does seem the way one needs to go... i did a show on the boardwalk last summer - when people are down on the beach, going in and out of the water, they rarely carry cash or a check book... so this is a wonderful bit of news for me - thank you judy - so very much!

  5. Hi :)

    I have a feeling this is probably a silly question...but do you think I'd be able to use pocketpay (and propay) here in the UK?

    Thanks for the useful information :)