Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Another dreary day here in Tennessee. I am off to work at Bright's Antique World. I work there about once a week. I am a dealer there and sell mostly Country and some primitives. This is where I get most of my antique jewelry that I use in my creations.

No school again! The call came at 6:30 am, because of the "Inclement" weather. It rained all night pretty hard, so I guess that is the reason. Yesterday no school because we had some ice in the morning. Last week we had no school because it was going to be "cold" (don't laugh) it was predicted to be 9 degrees. We are originally from Massachusetts so these no school days are quite funny. We would have 2 feet of snow and the kids still went to school. Ahhh, the south there are so many things to get use to, although I must say it is a nice place to live.

Well off I go, maybe I will find a treasure never know.

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