Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rosary Bracelets

You know how some days you just can't wait to get into your studio to work? You have a great idea and you want to get it down on paper or create it...well today is just that day. I received a little box of antique and vintage religious crosses and medals from my father in law. My in laws Ginger and Lee were here from Connecticut for a visit and brought me this little box of treasures. They are avid collectors of antiques and know what I like. Anyway, I put the box aside on my table and knew when the time was right the ideas would come. Last night it started and now I can't stop, except now I am running out of those great treasures. Last week when they were here I was redoing a rosary (see picture below) so that's where the idea of the rosary bracelets came from. I did some checking to be accurate as to how many beads to have on the bracelet and what it means.

What is a Rosary Bracelet?

A rosary bracelet is a one-decade rosary worn around the wrist. Rosary bracelets are most often made with chain. A rosary bracelet has a small crucifix and a small medal -- usually a Miraculous Medal (just as with most rosaries). There are ten Hail Mary beads and one Our Father bead.

Wearing a rosary, whether as a necklace, bracelet, ring, pocket or other, can be a good way of reminding one's self to pray throughout the day.

So now I am on the prowl to search for more vintage crosses and medals. Hope you like the bracelets and let me know what you think.

Here is my little "Jack" supervising me while I take my pictures. He can hardly fit in this basket but insists on climbing in.


  1. I LOVE the cat in the basket. Looks like my cat of long ago. Sweet.

  2. Jack has been climbing into this basket since he was a tiny baby. He still insists on squeezing into it.