Thursday, January 7, 2010

All snowed in!

A view from my front porch

Schools are closed, the grocery store shelves are empty and we are snowed in!! Yeah, right! Yesterday everyone was all a buzz about the snow that we were suppose to get today. Here in Tennessee schools are closed in advance of such news and people flock to stock up on groceries. It was predicted that we were going to get 2-3 inches, as you can see we did not get that much. I just chuckle. I am treating this day like any other snow day we use to have in Massachusetts....but thankfully no need to shovel!

The kitties do not like the snow or the cold. They have turned into true Southerners.

I want to share with you a little gift that feel from the tree. I have a passion for birds nests and have a sweet little collection. When I picked this one up it just made me smile so much, it is constructed of the usual twigs but this one also has horse hair in it. There are two horses that live a few house away from me, a chestnut mare and a gray pony. Their mane and tail hairs are so evident. I love horses so this is even more special.

What warms your heart or brings a smile to your face, is it the simpler things in life?

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  1. What a nice blanket of snow! Just enough to shut down everything so you are forced to stay at home and relax. Your bird's nest is so sweet and I can see the horse hair in your picture. So cool!

  2. Judy, that little dusting of snow is quite pretty. Almost as lovely as your bird nest. How special that you've got the horse hair incorporated in them.

  3. It's nice to have snow once in a while...sound like where we live. They close school at the first flake of snow.

    The birds nest is a special treat, and it looks like it is in great condition.

  4. Do they really close down schools at a predicted 2-3 inches??? Kids would never be going to school in winter here then! LOL
    Love the bird nest - it is quite special!

  5. We've been snowed under too. Actually we have probably only 5 inches of snow, but the blowing and drifting make it impossible to travel safely on some roads - mostly rural.

    I love your bird's nest. Our trees are young still, but I am always excited to see a new nest in one of them.