Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who want's to go Antiquing?

I reorganized one of my booths at the antique shop today and put out all the treasures I purchased yesterday at the Estate sale.
Do you recognize the painting from yesterdays post? I purchased both paintings yesterday at the estate sale as well as the white door. I love old doors, they are so fun for decorating.

Old flags are another one of my can never be too patriotic!

This is a rocker I picked up yesterday ~ C1840's New England origination~

This sweet early pine table is also a new addition as well the drug store candy jar (missing lid) but still so wonderful! People love collecting these.

I had found this great folky yellow cupboard a while ago in Nashville. It must of been next to the telephone as phone numbers are written inside one of the doors. Check out the Victorian bamboo chair next to it.

I am a lucky girl to be able to enjoy two passions of mine....Antiques and jewelry design. I especially love it when I can combine the two and create jewelry from something old.
What is your great passion? What would you love to be doing more of right now?


  1. Those are great! I think that yellow cabinet is awesome. I have never been an antiquer but I love old things. I would love to be making jewelry and art full time and working in an art gallery or someplace like that. Or maybe even in a store that I could help run. I would like that. So very different from what I do now. Probably not as lucrative but infinitely more attractive! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Oh Judy Thanks for posting you shop. I loved looking at everything ,your pics are so good it was almost like being there. Th yellow cabinet is to die for!! I am decorating a Boho room for a friend. Wish I had the cabinet, the color is great!!

  3. Your booth looks very inviting. And you really got a deal on that painting. I think I'd have to keep that one for myself.