Monday, February 15, 2010


I never know what I am going to make on any given day... I had some old millefiori beads that I cast aside and and today they came to life this bracelet. I am calling this piece "Fusion", A joining of yellow turquoise, czech, art glass and millefiori beads to form a composition of vibrant colors and textures. You can find this in my Flapyourwings Etsy shop.


Hop on over and check out Room Remix...a great blog that I follow and where you CAN create a great space within your budget! This blog provides you with decorating inspiration, practical decorating advice, creative ideas and resources, DIY ideas, before and afters, and helps you think outside of your current decorating box.

This week PK of Room Remix is hosting a blog giveaway of one of my bracelets...and the lucky winner gets to choose which bracelet you would like, how fun! I love following PK's blog and I think you will too. She has inspired me to start a few projects which I look forward to sharing with you real soon!

...and last but not least...I really had to share a picture of my two boys, Sam & Jack...aren't they just the cutest? They are perched on the back of the chair so they can look out of the window at it snowing...yes it is snowing again! This is our fourth winter in Tennessee and this has been the snowyest (is that a word?)...anyway I am not liking it and I am hoping that in March it will start warming up.

I would like to give a shout out and thank all of my new blog followers, I really appreciate you taking the time to visit.


  1. don't you just love when that happens? that bracelet is wonderful!! and, if my memory serves, that may be a submission for the abs challenge this month - i have to be honest as much as i want to, i haven't gotten to do it this time... i love your kitties... and yes, the snow is heading north to me - incredible, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful colors and texture, and I do love that sterling silver accent link!

  3. Judith I really like the bracelet. The colors the wire wrapping, the shape of the beads, it blends so wonderfully.
    Great job.

  4. I really like the unexpected mix! It turned out great. Thanks so much for the nice mention about my blog too. :-) Have a good night.

  5. Love that bracelet. It is so lively and the wire work is fantastic. Your boys are lovely. I'm looking out at colder, more snow than usaul weather and going this is enough. Spring will be here soon?

  6. Beautiful bracelet and your babies are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

  7. Judy, your new bracelet is so pretty - with a really cool wire link! Your two kitties are just so cute! They look so snuggly. :-)

  8. Hello Judy,
    Guess I am lucky #100 and your are my #80!

    Great jewelry! You are an artist!

    I lived in Nashville for three years, so beautiful...long winters. My mom is a Yankee in Texas for 63 years now. She never did learn to cook southern food. You know fried green tomatoes, fried okra, fried eggplant... I don't touch the stuff myself, but it sure is good.
    I am on a bloggy break but will catch up with you later.

    North of Nashville... Beautiful Franklin?

  9. Your bracelet is beautiful. I like your style. I am happy to be following your blog now. Keep creating...