Thursday, February 4, 2010

Step Dog Jake

A little dress up never hurt anyone...don't tell your Dad.

Oh, what a tough life! Jake is still visiting and will most likely be going home tonight. He is just spoiled a little when he is here. Jake has taken to liking the bonus room with its twin bed. He is not allowed normally on furniture but one day a few weeks ago when he was here I found him up on the bed and did not have the heart to make him get off. So now when he comes over he goes right up to "his" room and hops on the bed. Sleep tight buddy!


  1. This is my life with my two dogs. Only, it's my bed where I find them in the afternoon. I don't have the heart either to make them get out. They look so comfy. I have a real fondness for labs and Jake is a beauty.

  2. Jake is supremely handsome...and winsome! He looks so nice dressed up. My dogs sleep on the bed at night. We used to struggle to keep them off and then we gave up. They are wily creatures who know we are weak and will give in. : )

  3. Okay, that is seriously the single most cutest thing I've seen-Just LOOK at that face! You are not the only one who would have trouble saying no to that face. Lol

    What a handsome boy ^.^

  4. What a sweet boy, he's so lucky to have you to spoil him!!!