Friday, March 20, 2009

Old Cemetery

here is just something about an old cemetery that I find intriguing. I know it sounds morbid to some while others may agree with me. There are lots of small cemeteries here in Middle Tennessee where I live and some in peoples yards, I guess this was the family land and family members where buried on their land.
While my sister was visiting me we passed a cemetery that I always wanted to visit, being it was a nice sunny warm day I pulled in. Camera in hand I took some pictures and finally figured out what I find intriguing, It is the monuments and grave markers. Not just the information on them but the details and designs. Knowing that in the 1800's this was all done with a chisel and hammer and that the work done is true a craft.


  1. I happen to think that old cemeteries are really neat. Looking at the headstones, seeing the dates and connecting family members to each other. It really puts you back to a slower time.

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