Friday, March 6, 2009


Sometimes someone else's opinion matters...
I am home working in my studio with two cats, although they are great company they can offer no advice. I work on a piece and I think its great but of course I should think that, but is it??? If the cats could talk they would tell me its great too so they can have treats and be allowed to sit on my work table...My husband, well he would say "ohh yea that's nice"...right what does he know!
Well, once again the forums at Etsy are ever so helpful as you are amongst your peers of creative people looking to give and welcome to receive advice. I love the Critique threads, it helps us look at our shops and items in a different light.

This thread was started by: Greciangoldsmith
"Who wants an item critiqued? I am thorough and detailed!"
I jumped right in, my sales are low, and any advice I can get is a good thing.
This is what she says about this piece:

greciangoldsmith says:

Personally, I love it. Beautiful color, beautiful design. A marriage of vintage and newly made.

More objectively:

1. Photo

Perfection. Nice angles, nice close-ups, nice variety. Not only can I truly "see" the item itself, but the different backgrounds set a mood that adheres to the item (ie. vintage/antique). And the last photo, very practically, shows how it would sit on the neck. A+

2. Overall design

Balanced. Nice contrast between the green/turquoise and the darker quartz as well as the sterling/paste metal. The newly added elements perfectly underline the central vintage pendant. Fantastic.

3. Price

Very reasonable considering the antique pendant, sterling and the amount of beads used.

Great. Really great.

Small critique: The necklace is so great, it deserves a more exciting clasp. Also, it would be nice to see a close-up of the clasp as well.

Best of luck with your shop! xo

I like the way this gal writes, she has a great way with words.
You can check out her blog at:
And be sure to check out her site of beautiful crafted jewelry


  1. Once again...I am sitting in the back row and had no idea that there was a forum for critiques! Cool necklace and I concur with her findings ;D!

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words, and I am very happy that my critique made a positive difference. I wish you all the best, and happy sales!