Sunday, March 1, 2009


Organization, wow...something we all need to do but it is something we all put off. I am trying to get better organized. It sure saves so much time when looking for something and I am sure you are like me and do not have enough hours in the day and who wants to waste them searching for stuff.
The first thing I did was put my finished jewelry products in a spot where I could view them at one glance and get what I need when sold. No more searching through covered showcase boxes. Those little boxes are great for transporting, but for me I am not good with putting the lids on, the cats love the white fluff in them, blah, blah, blah. If I take something out say for pictures or to show someone it never gets put back.
I had some old frames that I was hanging on to for something great I am sure; and thought If I added a wire backing then I could hang my pieces from them, well my ever helpful husband got some chicken wire and attached it to the inside of the frames, you can spray paint the wire if you like to match the frames. I then put some hangers on the back, I prefer little eye screws and hanging wire, the frame will hang much more balance. An easy inexpensive display idea, great for shows too. I will continue to make more of these when I get more frames. Since I love old frames that is what I will use, but new ones are just as good. I also used some 12 gauge copper wire to fashion some simple "S" hooks hang the necklaces from, easy and inexpensive.
Ok, now its your one thing to get organized today!


  1. pretty display! - i have used a similar style when i do shows, but i covered a piece of foamcore with burlap and used little t-pins; mostly used the frame on my table top with an easel to display my earrings. very nice!! you know picture framing is right up my alley!

  2. Well, now, isn't that the most clever thing! I can tell you are originally from New England, where that phrase: "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" was born! It is very attractive, too! Good job.