Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stormy Skies


I am back to my routine....my sister left yesterday after 12 days. I am so tired, I don't know why, maybe it is from talking and laughing all the time... whatever it may be I am taking today and working in my studio. That is my relaxation, my quiet place and no one bothers me. I have a show in a few weeks and need to get going on some new pieces, so today I felt rather productive and will share with you a few of the pieces I made.

Stormy Skies , has a pendant created from an old mother of pearl shoe clip. I love the shimmer and vintage look it adds to the piece. Black mother of pearl and black matte beads are wire wrapped in sterling and oxidized, and then buffed just enough to bring out a little shine.

Making a charm bracelet is a great way to use all those little things we seem to collect, and we all do, we just can't seem to part with some things. A vintage link chain is the base for this whimsical collection of doo dads. A handmade lampwork bead adds a little color. You can find this in my Etsy shop.


  1. Judy, that's a lovely necklace. I love the elongated oval and very elegant feel to it. But what's a show clip? I am so very not knowledgable about many vintage pieces. I think everyone should have a charm bracelet! Good luck getting ready for your show. I know how it is getting back into the studio. You love the company but kind of yearn for the day to day.

  2. Your new pieces don't show you being tired. Your studio must really put you in a zone of creativity and relaxation. Happy creating...

  3. Great pieces Judy! I adore that charm bracelet, it's that eclectic look I love!

  4. Lovely pieces, Judy! There is something about mother of pearl, isn't there?
    Also loved the birdie earrings and am going gaga about little Morgan! What a sweet little guy!

  5. Both pieces are gorgeous. I especially love the bracelet though since I can never quite get the vintage look going to suit my own tastes :P

  6. These are both great pieces Judy. Love the idea of using a shoe clip as a pendant. It looks very classy. The charm bracelet is a great idea also. My daughter was just telling me I should do some of those. I really like the awesome charms you have used. Connie

  7. Hi judy,
    Stormy skies has classic charm.