Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Proverbial Hat Winner

Why of all days did Random.org give me a problem...somehow I could not get into my account. No problem...we always  have the proverbial hat...and the winner is.......Ashley of  Rookieyearforanewmom. I have your email so I will be getting in touch with you. Many thanks to all who entered, and to all of my new facebook fans and blog followers.


  1. Well congrats to Ashley!!!
    Judy, I just love your new stamped discs...nothing like stamping on copper! And thanks for sharing the link recenty to Pottery Girl...love finding new artists on Etsy!

  2. Oh shoot shoot shoot. I missed it. I like you on Facebook anyway - just because I like you. :)

    I am IN LOVE with these necklaces! Off to your shop now. Have a great day.