Friday, February 11, 2011

This bed is just right!

 Since we have been having some cold weather with temps. in the teens, the kitties do not want to go outside. You can find them through out the house lounging in the sunbeams. Samuel Adams has found one better, a sunny confined photo box, and there was no getting him out of it either!

 In this picture he dared me to move him...can you believe it?
 The mailman delivered me the sweetest package yesterday, the giveaway I won from LeAnn. Check out her wonderful packaging. I just love it! Very clever, the colored paper is actually a little note card with a hand written note. The heart inside is just beautiful, thanks so much!

Stay warm today! I am off to get a haircut (my hair grows sooooo fast!) then I am picking up my son Nick from school. I miss him terribly, he has not been home since he went back after Christmas break.  

Don't forget to ENTER my blog giveaway. Tomorrow I will be drawing the lucky winner for the $35 CSN stores gift certificate. 


  1. Cats! They are all crazy individuals and we can't help but love them, can we?
    Lucky you to win LeAnn's gorgeous little heart.

  2. Thats one smart kittie, and cut too!
    A haircut is always a great spirit lifter, plus picking up your son!
    Thanks for all the well wishes.

  3. Lucky you! LeAnn's work is great, isn't it? Have a great family weekend!