Monday, February 7, 2011

Tools...a collection of love

We are back home after spending time in the snowy tundra of Connecticut. With over 80 inches of snow to their credit I was so thrilled to return to Tennessee. My husband I both grew up in Connecticut and I can never recall having that much snow! It was good we were there during a bad storm, my DH was able to rake the snow off of the roof for his Dad and help with the plowing.

 The bad weather canceled my MIL chemo and radiation treatments but we did manage to take care of some other plans. I know this will sound incredibly horrible....but Ginger wanted to go to the funeral home. She was adamant about having just what she wanted, and since Ginger is very friendly with the funeral home director it really went quite well, now she is comfortable knowing it will be like she wanted. She was so fearful what my FIL would of picked did make for some laughs.

 Now on to what this post is about....a man's life long collection, his passion for antique tools. My father-in-law Lee has collected antique tools for as long as I have known him. It is amazing what he has, when you describe what his basement looks like no one can believe it until they see it. Here is a little tour.....

 As you can see there is very little space to move about, every inch is covered.

shoe horns, bottle openers of all kinds
 every tool imaginable!
rare oil cans, some dating back to the mid 1800's
my favorite old brass keys...very hard to find. 
I told Lee I was looking for a small ball peen hammer and he found me the perfect one....but you can never leave with just one, he made me take the others. Here are my new old is hard to tell by this picture but these are nice and petite, just what I was looking for. All of my old keys I use in my designs have come from Lee as well as so many other things. There is never a time that I am there that he does not come up from the cellar asking me "can you use this" and has some odd unusual item in his hand. My answer is always yes!


  1. What a lovely collection! My dad collects tools as well (and so many other things) but his are not displayed so neatly.

  2. What treasures you came home with! It's nice to know you'll think of him when you use them. And there'e nothing horrible about your MIL's trip to the funeral home. It gives her some control and relieve you of some worry. Wonderful in-laws!

  3. wow, amazing collection and they are kept so nicely!

  4. That's a serious display!! How cool that he's willing to share. That makes all the pieces you use even more extra special.

  5. Wow! This is way cool~~ And every time you use those hammers you'll think of him. Sweet.

  6. What an amazing looks museum quality...glad you are home safe and sound.

  7. Oh, I love old tools and this collection is totallly beyond anything imaginable. Love it!

  8. Wow Judy, too cool! All that stuff, and my it is so organized!
    Glad you had a nice visit and were able to help take care of things.

  9. Judy, glad to hear you're back home safe and sound. I have been thinking of your MIL.
    My goodness, your FIL's basement is like a dream. It reminded me of the Tinsel Trading Company - and all the treasures stored in the basement for years. Your FIL has the most impressive collection I've ever seen...and I've been to many antiques shops! Just look at those shoe horns, and keys, and tools!! And I can see the care he takes in storing and displaying them. You are one lucky lady with those "new old" tools!!

  10. Oh my - what a treasure trove! I would be in heaven just looking! Your new hammers are so gorgeous - I bet you are going to love using them.

  11. WOW! That is some stuff!

    I'm glad Ginger got to make her own arrangements. I can understand why it was important to her. I think she must be a remarkable woman. I feel sad for Lee, I think he will miss her a lot.