Friday, March 12, 2010

One project done..

One project done and lots more to go. We had been wanting to add some detail to this wall since we bought this home over 3 1/2 years finally the DH got going on it. I am showing you the pictures backwards,the finished wall to the way it started with just paint. We really like the detail it adds to the room and the addition of more white brightens the space as well.
I would love to find a cushioned bench for the space, the search is on.

Getting all my wares packed up for a show tomorrow. Not sure how it will be, as I have not done this particular show before. Hopefully I will get my $40 worth in advertising and giving out cards. I have had lots of luck with people visiting my sites after they have taken cards at shows, so if anything that would be a good thing.


  1. the very best of luck at your show... you know it isn't about the beauty of your work, rather the kind of people who end up milling around... and if they are serious or not... i love what you did to that wall... it is such a great design idea...

  2. I love the detail on the wall. Excellent work by your DH. Enjoy your show and relish handing out your new moo cards. It might very well lead to the best future sales ever. Happy selling...

  3. Beautiful job! Sometimes the little details can make a big difference (something my hubby still, after 28 years of marriage, will never understand).

    I hope your show is a success today!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful entrance into your home! So welcoming. It was worth every minute ... even though you probably didn't feel so at the time!