Monday, March 22, 2010

Who wants a bath?

My two silly boys Sam and Jack spend more time in this tub than anyone in this house combined! They hop in at least 10 times a day. After lots of carrying on and meowing I finally gave in and keep a cup filled with fresh water for them, however they much rather have the faucet running so they can lap the puddles up. If only those rough tongues were larger and they could do some scrubbing! Well, at least someone is putting this tub to good use.

Where does all the time go?
I ask myself that question too often lately. Time just seems to fly by. Our son Nick was home from college for a week, I can not believe he is 3/4 through with his first year! Nick will heading back today, a day late because he started getting sick on Friday. So.. with a filled prescription for antibiotics, Tylenol, Motrin and a bronchitis diagnosis he will be heading back tonight. I would rather nurse him back to health at home but he refuses to miss any school, so since he is not contagious off he goes....

I am getting ready for company on Thursday, my girlfriend Eileen is coming for 5 days. She comes twice a year and we have a great whirlwind visit. She always plans her visit in according to the Nashville Flea Market schedule. Eileen is a jewelry designer too and loves to buy from Mary. It feels like I just posted about buying from Mary and here it is the end of the month already, so there I go again asking myself "where does all the time go?". So you know where you will find us on Friday morning, sore necks and backs pouring over Mary's bead tables. I can't wait to see what she has new this month.


  1. Cute kitties! Man, if I could get all of my animals to do some house cleaning this place would be spotless! Horses vacuuming, bunnies mopping, goats doing dishes, dogs dusting... :)

  2. that must be tough to have nick go off still sick... but it sounds like you got him through the rough part...
    and your kitties? adorable... mine drink from a leaky faucet... and in the summer, love the tub for its coolness...
    time does fly - each year faster than the next...

  3. Your kitties are hilarious! Maybe you should fill it up for them and turn the jets on:)

  4. AW!! Can I have them cute kitties? :D

    I have a cousin who claims she skates for the Rollergirls, but she's such a girly girl that I have to see it before I believe her. lol
    Anyway, I'll be in Nashville for a weekend in April, so we should meet up for lunch and bead shopping! :D

  5. My kitties like to play in the tub.
    Wish I could go to the flea market with you. Mine is coming up on Sunday.

  6. I don't know what it is about cats and tubs. But my cat knows she lives in the slums after seeing that nice tub!

    I know what you mean about time. I don't know who that old lady is that looks back at me in the mirror.