Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two sides of me

I do not think I could settle on making one "type" of jewelry....My right hand wants to make one thing and my left another, thankfully they compromise and each has its turn to create different pieces.

Here you have "Brand New Day"...fresh, new, and colorful. You can find this piece in my Flap Your Wings Etsy shop.

Now for the other side of me...the side with a "past"...showing its age and patina and usually darker. I love working with old things and mixing them with newer findings.

Kindred Spirits...
An antique classroom picture is forever preserved in resin and is the focal for this unique necklace. Our "kindred spirits" if you will...A handmade lampwork bead is sandwiched between two of my handmade bead caps. A hand stamped copper tag is oxidized to give it an aged look. Colorful czech glass beads are added.

You can find Kindred Spirits in my other Etsy shop Judith B. Designs

"To love what you do and feel that it matters,
how can anything be more fun?"
Katherine Graham

re you creating what you love? What is your absolute favorite thing to make or do?


  1. I love both of them! I make a lot of different stuff too. I feel like I should have a "style" but there are too many things I love to try!

  2. Judy, I don't think you should limit yourself at all! Both of these lovely pieces speak Judy to me because you've got this lyrical quality with your placement of parts.

  3. Trying all things is how you find what you really like doing. Both of your necklaces are unique and wonderful in their own right (or left). I am torn between making jewelry and sewing fabrics and lace together. Happy creating...

  4. Both are equally beautiful! I am a big fan of the yin and yang myself, so I see it as the best of both worlds!
    Although I love to create jewelry, I am finding I feel my best and most free making art! It is a bit more spontaneous.

  5. The first piece is definitely a side of you I'm familiar with. Colorful, bright, cheerful, and full of spirit. Both pieces are such unique works of art.

  6. Love both of "your sides"? I agree with LeAnn - why limit yourself? I guess I must have more than two hands, because there are so many things I like to do/create.
    Just go with your inspiration.

  7. I love the "past". Beautiful necklace!

    Your blog is where I land where I land when I click "next blog" from mine, so I thought I would say hi!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I've never been able to make just one kind of jewelry, either!

  9. judy!! totaly in love with the last necklace!! so chic!!