Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giddy Up

Cowboy Sam and the Rodeo....c1951

I love vintage children's books and came across this book while I was in Nevada, I just had to have it... it was a child's book AND it was about horses! The graphics are just wonderful! I also have been tossing a pair of vintage horse buttons around my work table for a while now, not sure what to do with them, well finally their day has come, (at least for one button). This piece just makes me smile...although the horse on the button is jumping a gate and the book is about a rodeo, close enough for me.

So tell me in one word...what makes you smile? One Word Only!


  1. Your necklace has such a free spirit. So sweet! The one word that makes me smile and even giggle a little is wonky. hehe, what a funny word.

  2. very cool necklace!

    my word... peanut

  3. The way my daughter says "dustgusting".
    It is supposed to be disgusting but it sounds better the way she says it.

    I love this necklace!

  4. That is such a beautiful necklace! You've grown and expanded so much in your jewelry design since I've become acquainted with you :)

    One thing that makes me smile:

    Friends :)

  5. I love this necklace! And the one word that makes me smiles is...horses!