Friday, June 18, 2010

Kitty Kat Friday

It will be a week on Saturday that this little guy joined our family. Captain Morgan is a hoot, plays hard then just falls asleep, I forgot how fun kitties are. Jack the gray tabby in the picture was not so sure about him there was lots of growling and hissing going on, but I think all of Morgans silly antics has finally turned Jack around. It sounds like two elephants running around the house, although there is still the occasional hiss and swat.

How could you not just love that little face!

A wonderful old button, pearls, beads and some copper and here you have Grecian Goddess.

You can find her in my Etsy shop.

Wishes to you all for a great weekend.


  1. He's a cutie! I just LOVE the name!

  2. Cool name! And the necklace is gorgeous, especially the button is great. regards Stefanie

  3. Love the kitty and the necklace! We got a kittens last year, they're so much fun:)