Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beach Music

Summer is here...ready or not. We have had the hottest June on record for Tennessee with temps in the high 90's and humidity the same. These days are for lounging in the pool or staying inside....not many choices, especially for myself as I just do not tolerate this intense heat, sweat dripping down my thank you!  However inside I  am never at loss of what to do, the days are never long enough for me.

Collected beach glass... summer

                                                  You can find Beach Music on my Etsy site.

On another note I am still struggling with my browser, it is making blogging so very difficult, nothing is lining up correctly and I am just struggling to figure this out, it use to be so easy!  I had been using Mozille Firefox and I loved it, but something happened maybe my system got a virus...not sure. Anyway no amount of re-loading has helped and all the work my DH has done this past week has not helped. Finally he was able to load Opera and that is working nicely but is not compatible with Blogger...uggggh! I really do not have time nor the patience with this! I want my Fox back! What do you all use for your browsers?


  1. Great bracelet, Judy! And I love your beach glass!!

  2. hey gorgeous! loving the colours on the beach glass, stunning! Also love the bracelet creation :o)

    Weather has been a crazy one this year, seems the whole world has had longer and harsher winters and now hotter and sunnier summers! I DO love the sun but like you am not able to sit out and enjoy it as much these days, get too uncomfortable too quickly!

    have a great day :o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  3. Hermoso el bracelete, que buen gusto.

  4. I hear you...we've had record temps here too. Good luck with the frustrating. Your bracelet is lovely!

  5. Great summer colors! Hope the weather treats you better this weekend, we have had a break from the high temps and it has been wonderful.

  6. google chrome... i was a firefox person and then switched... best of luck with that - surely one of the most frustrating aspects of our lives that is also one of the biggest blessings... your bracelet is gorgeous... i need to get some work done too!

  7. I also love beach glass and your bracelet is so reflective of it! Also having trouble with blogger. I think it's them not you!

  8. I love the cool blue of the bracelet. Hope you cool off soon. We've had some 100+ days, but without the humidity you have in Tennessee. I LOVE Firefox. Sorry about your problems! Have you tried deleting your profile and starting from scratch with a new one?