Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unfold Your Wings

"My Soul is in the Sky"

I may be wearing out my welcome with all of my etching but I just can't help myself, I am like a kid with a new toy!  I had purchased this great twig piece at Michael's while I was in Nevada, I knew I wanted to do something a little different with it. I am not usually one to mix metal colors together, however I am working on that and trying to get out of my "box". I really like the combinations here and I think each element compliment each other nicely. 

The fab ceramic beads are from Summers Studio 

 You can find this whimsical piece on my website Judith B.


We have been looking for a new car for sometime we know what we want but just have not found it at a price we are willing to pay. My DH has a friend who has a small dealership and has offered to take him to the car auction. Today was the auction day, but the DH is back in Nevada (poor guy) so guess who went to the auction?  Me,! It was just like on TV...way cool! Thousands upon thousands of cars...anything you want! It was so tempting to change my mind but I did not waiver. We are looking  for a Volvo SC90 , they had many of them but after weeding bad colors and other things out there were two that we were going to bid on, unfortunately the bidding went higher than our budget would allow. We will try again in a few weeks at the next auction. I will keep you posted if I get lucky!


  1. it's beautiful!

    i can't wait to set up a studio to start working on jewelry again.

  2. You're not wearing out your welcome at all! I love etching and this piece is great:)

  3. Judy, your creativity is amazing. I just love what you did with this twig from Michael's. You added so much depth with the etched and stamped pendant and LeAnn's beads (love the color!)... what a great piece. And btw, you mix metal colors beautifully!

  4. Beautiful etch and a lovely piece!
    Good luck with the car!

  5. I never get tired of looking at your jewelry!
    I only wish I could afford to show my admiration with money.

    I really enjoy a good mix of metals myself. but it has to be done right, with a cohesive look as you achieved here. Love this necklace!

  6. Beautiful necklace! Good luck with the car.