Monday, December 6, 2010

Special Order

 I am trying to finish up some special orders this week. I especially love this fun colorful bracelet I made for one of my blog readers. This bracelet features some awesome handmade polymer clay beads from Aslan Crafts on Etsy, I just love these beads and their cool shape. Originally I wanted to pair them with a citrine color that is found in the floral design but It really did not look so great. So after rummaging through all my stash I improvised....

...I took these chunky silver plated metal beads and torched them! They turned a really great shade of "old gold" with hints of iridescence and shades of gray, so hard to explain but I am so pleased!

 ...and don't forget...
I am having a sweet little giveaway that ends tomorrow at 12 noon, so be sure to go and check it out! You can enter HERE.


  1. Judy, This is such a great bracelet and so cool that the bead changed to that beautiful color by heating them! Gorgeous work!

  2. You were brilliant with this combination of beads after you torched them. Fabulous...

  3. Lovely bracelet, Judy! I have some copper beads that I like to use torched.