Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Creative "Us"

We enjoyed another great day in Arizona and got to take a class at Creative U in Care Free. My friend Eileen and I took the PMC Organic Forms class with the most fabulous and talented Jen Hanscom as our instructor. The class is pretty easy and relaxing , Jen also taught us so much about PMC and its uses and different techniques. Creative U is a really warm and inviting place with the nicest instructors, they also offer studio time at a very reasonable cost...if only I had them in Nashville!
Jen and Kathy (the owner of CU)

Me and Eileen
I know it is hard to see...My little leaf projects before firing. Jen is going to fire them on Monday for us.  We took home the rest of our PMC slip and will make a few more pieces for firing on Monday...see they are so nice that way.

... I will leave you with this picture that is posted on the CU bulletin board, a little chuckle to end your day!

ha! Off to Sedona tomorrow!


  1. Chortling :-) Enjoy Sedona, it's beautiful. I hope you'll let us see your leaf project.

  2. I love the boost that taken a class gives you! I'm teaching one today on Enamel Explorations. It's the first time I've taught this class, but while I was preparing for it, I realized how extensive the techniques are ... I'm amazed! Yesterday instead of applying a decal to a flat objects, I applied a chintz one to a bead ... beautiful! I really want to learn to work with bronze clay!

  3. Sedona is a place i want to visit. I hear it's quite beautiful; have a great time!

    And don't forget to show us your metal clay creations.