Thursday, June 2, 2011


Here it is Thursday and I am just getting to show you my flea market finds from Sunday! Where has the week gone!  Check out these awesome boots I found...these were made for a store in Ashland City Tennessee and are marked as such inside...way cool!
 can you imagine your foot fitting into very narrow.
I love old jewelry boxes....and especially when they have velvet inside. These are tiny and can only hold little bits. I am going to use them in my show display this weekend.

I was so lucky to come across these old tokens. There were so many different varietys that I have never seen. These will be just perfect in my jewelry designs. 

I also want to share with you one of the pieces I finished the other day. I am so happy with it! It includes one of the old brass findings that I have in my shop.  

I am off to set-up for a show today, although I am in a daze. We learned yesterday that a tornado went through the town we use to live in, Wilbraham Massachusetts. Here we live in tornado alley and this little New England town gets hit with a tornado. Freaky! All my old stomping grounds were devastated. My heart goes out to all my friends.

Wishes to you all for a blessed day!


  1. I'm loving that little compass in the top picture and all those fan coins! Wonderful haul!

  2. Love the beads, the very top tube/barrel beads especially!! The boots are awesome, the tokans are my favorite!! Lucky you! KristiBowmanDesign

  3. You did find some treasures !! Really like the necklace - very pretty. I am pretty sure my feet could not handle those boots. :-D
    I saw all the devastation on the news this morning. My heart goes out to these people that have lot so much.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Fantastic flea market finds, Judy! Wishing you a great show!!

  5. Judy, I saw that about the tornado - that's just horrible and so unfortunate.
    You really struck it rich with amazing finds. Hey, those flea markets in TN must be amazing!! :-) The old boots are so interesting...I love to look at old Victorian shoes when I see them. And they're always quite pricey (the baby shoes too). The old coins are really cool....I just saw a beautiful peyote stitch bezel using an old coin in one of the much you could do with them.
    I love your new necklace - I feel like I can personally relate to it - I joke that I'm the "Queen Bee" living in a house of 5 guys! :-)