Friday, July 29, 2011


Yeah, that's what I've got....ADDD or more commonly known as Attention Deficit Dusting Disorder. Some-days it just hits me. I start doing one thing and then before I know it a dust rag is in my hand and I am re-arranging and dusting. Then I go back to my studio and start working and it starts all over again. On days like this I just have to let the syndrome take over and be glad my house gets semi cleaned. 

I have not shared a picture of Captain Morgan in awhile so here he is in all his glory! This is his usual sleeping position, he is the silliest of cats! Lately he has taken to sleeping with us in a space between our pillows. This was taken at like 3 in the afternoon and he is already staking his claim. He sleeps like a rock there is no bothering him one bit!

I have been giving the thought of offering a line of my jewelry for wholesale. It would have to be pieces that are easily re-produced but still staying true to my esthetics and offering one of a kind pieces. I am not new to wholesaling as years ago I had a very successful wholesale business called "Country Glen". I made handpainted copper pins and sold to stores through out the US via sales reps. It was a great business but all I did was work. Due to the economy, and a severe swing in what the retailers were willing to pay and then our move to the South things changed and I was done. I got really burnt out, when you make over 10,000 pieces a year it wears on you.
However, I am now ready to jump back into that market but in a very limited way and on my terms, not on a rep that I am trying to satisfy. A few things I need to get are some printed jewelry tags and earring cards. Can anyone recommend a good on-line source? I rather go by a recommendation than out of the blue. The ones I use now are good for shows but not for store displays.
Well, I better get back to my dusting...have a great evening!


  1. Sorry - I am of no help on a good source for your tags and cards. I do want to wish you much success with the new addition to your business.
    I have that condition called ADDD also. :-D You could probably write your name on my table right now.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Love the pic of Capt. Morgan! My cat Socks likes to sleep on her back, often with one paw over her eyes, the silly girl.

  3. Captain Morgan looks so peaceful. Have you looked at "moo" cards...I haven't ordered from them but I have heard good things about them. In one of their ads on their website, they have some cool tags. Here's the link: