Sunday, July 17, 2011

A glimpse at my Antique booth

The other day I spent about 6 hours at the antique shop working on my booth at Bright's Antique World. It really needed a good cleaning and re-arranging, this is something I always puts off but when it's done it is so worth it. I don't usually just move a few things around...I move everything around even the furniture.

I have a hopeless addiction to transferware dishes.
 ...and white ironstone.
I also have some of my jewelry designs for sale as well. 
Today I am spending time in my studio where I can relax. The last few days were busy with estate sales and cleaning and pricing new finds for my booth. I found an awesome set of  teal blue rosary beads yesterday so I will play with them today.I finally found via a friend something I have been wanting forEVER! I will share "her" with you tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a great relaxing weekend. As always thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. this was a wonderful post as it really shows what your influences are... i love that... and your jewelry is so in keeping with the aesthetic...

  2. I so envy you Judy! Your pieces are beautiful and so much a part of you!

  3. Always love a glimpse of your booth and can't wait to see your 'heart's desire'!

  4. Your displays are like your jewelry. Very attractive. Great displays, makes me feel I cheated my booth today, ran in sat it down and ran out.