Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boho Chic

Developing Your Bohemian Fashion Sense

When we're talking about fashion, the word Bohemian is used to convey an attitude and style that describes a free-spirited, independent frame of mind. I like to think that these earrings that I made reflect that state of mind.

Called Boho for short, the Bohemian look is earthy and layered, with loose, flowing fashions and accessories that are often made from natural materials like linen and gauzy cotton, wood, stones and leather. Woven items are popular and so are beads that are used in jewelry and to decorate purses, belts or anything else.

The best thing about the Bohemian look is that nothing has to "match." The pieces you choose should layer well and they work together to give you a classy, Boho chic appearance. Think ethnic. Think organic -- earthy colors and fabrics. Think relaxed. Think vintage.

You can find these earrings in my ArtFire shop.


  1. I have been stopping by your blog pretty much every day since your moon pendant give-away and love your work. You certainly are prolific and I gather you are feeling better after your operation. I hope you continue to to have good health.

    I particularly love the bohemian look, I have a good dose of bohemian in me that has yet to be expressed well. Thank you for sharing your description of bohemian and the beautiful jewellry you have made.

  2. Great earrings. Love that first pair!!

  3. Girl, you have been busy again! Love this free spirit style. Big fan of the copper with the turquoise color. They compliment each other so well. Great job once again!

  4. L.O.V.E. these earrings Judy...I just loooove them, and that first pair...wowow!!! So beautiful!

  5. Every one of your earrings speak to me of sidewalk cafe's, wind-swept hair and the casual air of uncomplicated hip. Love them!