Sunday, November 8, 2009

Autumn in Tennessee

Today was a stupendously warm and sunny day! A perfect day actually! The DH and I took a nice walk on the greenway and took in all the warm sun and autumn smells. I just love the sound and smell of the crunching leaves! The greenway is a few miles from our home and goes through the meadows and meanders around the creek. It is a great walk and so pretty.

Yesterday I had my second show and it was great! I was a little apprehensive at first because there was so much jewelry, but only one other real "handcrafted" jewelry booth. I guess the show was more of an upscale bazaar with a lot of company's showing their wares as well. It turned out well for me and I was able to get lots of names for my new newsletter that I have been working all day on! (be sure to sign up!)

I was very pleased with my display, however it is still a work in process. Lots of people are drawn to the antiques I use as displays so that is a big help.


  1. Beautiful pictures Judy! Glad to hear your show went well! I have a house party on Wed. myself....keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Thanks for including us in on your beautiful walk through the woods. I can almost smell the autumn air in your photos. Congrats on the show! And, like I said before, your table looks great with all the antiques. Many things for the wandering eyes to gaze at.

  3. Great photos and congrats on a good show!

  4. Lovely fall photos!
    Your booth looks wonderful. I was at an upscale art/craft show over the weekend and I thought it must be hard when you make jewelry to have your booth stand out. You did a wonderful job!

  5. Your Fall pictures are just so pretty. With the weather we had, its been so easy to get out and enjoy the season.
    I'm glad to hear your show was a success. Your booth shot looks GREAT...I'd be drawn in by both the jewelry and antiques too (I wanna see more pictures!).

  6. the walk looks so inviting...glad to hear you had a great show. Your display looks fabulous!

  7. brought back such wonderful memories seeing these fall pictures. I do so miss the meandering creeks and fall leaves that are in your area...reminded me so much of NC!

    And secondly, your booth looks fabulous! Congratulations on a job well done!!

  8. Those nature pictures make me pine for my days when I lived in Kentucky-I LOVED Kentucky! I'm even debating on seeing if I can go to college down there :D
    And I'm so glad your show was a success!! Your display is just stunning(I would have gravitated to you right away). I'm going to sign up for your newsletter now!!