Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have a nice little stash of bits and pieces, doo dads and the such in my studio, you just never know when you might need one of those things. Lets face it we all have a little stash of things to some extent, be it a junk drawer or work table or that basket of found items you have in the laundry room all those things you found in the dryer. So last night I decided to put some of my trinket stash to good use and created a charm bracelet. Many of the trinkets I used are vintage and some of them are new. I especially love the "Good Time Token" I think it says it all and on the reverse side it says "Fun For All". There you go...what more do you need?

So what do you save? What is the one thing you just can't throw out?
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  1. this is great! truthfully, i save everything, but i don't always know where i put it... and then, i wasn't thinking about it the same before... i kept things because i was sure we would figure out what was needing the piece! now i think about how i can use it!

  2. Oh wow, how great is that bracelet!? I totally love that good time token :)
    I don't know whether to classify myself as a saver or a hoarder LOL I come across something and think I can use it in one of my many projects, but it just seems to sit where I last put it. I'll come across it months later and have a hard time throwing it away because I still convince myself I can do SOMETHING with it!

  3. Judy, this charm bracelet is fabulous. There are so many goodies mixed in! I'm like you...I hold on to just about everything,'cause you never know when you'll need it!! :-O

  4. That is one gorgeous bracelet! My whole desk is covered with beads and glass, bits and pieces of old jewelry that I just can't throw away. I just KNOW I'll use them one way or another. Some have been there for over 10 years! Now if only I could make something a great as that bracelet, I might be able to clear a little of the clutter!

  5. I love the bracelet. I can't get rid of my heels from the years so long ago when I wore them. I just can't!