Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Marketing Newsletter

It has taken me awhile but I have finally accomplished this task, I created an email Newsletter. I am not going to say it is very easy but the time I put in was worth it and there is lots to learn. Since I started doing some shows I really needed a way to communicate with the customers who signed up on my mailing list. The majority of people all email, out of 54 I had one person who did not. This newsletter will keep these folks informed of my show schedule, new products and special sales. Even though I do have a Facebook fan page and that kind of does the same thing, you just can't go and make people sign up for that, however even though people sign up for the newsletter they still can opt out easily. So how did I find this great site you ask.... well Via Etsy I found Mail Chimp a free site where you can host your list of names and create custom newsletters. You are probably wondering how do you know the folks get the mail...well Mail Chimp has a great reports section breaking every little thing down, like how many people opened the email,clicked a link, opted out, what time of day and who opened it. A lot of info, also a smidge scary too, but it is great marketing information. Now don't be afraid so and check it out!

Here is my first newsletter:http://eepurl.com/eP87


  1. Judy, I checked out your newsletter...looks great! Should be a great marketing tools...I love that it provides you with so much info.

  2. Thank you for the info, Judy. I had used Constant Contact before but Mail Chimp is free for under 500 contacts. Great news! P.S. Your newsletter looks great!

  3. Oh wow, Judy your newsletter looks GREAT! I use MailChimp too but I've never created anything so fancy. Way to go!!