Sunday, October 17, 2010

Spoonful of Lovin

 I have had this tiny spoon brooch on my work table for sometime. This vintage spoon had a pin on the back and was a included in a set of sterling flatwear when originally purchased. The pattern is "Classic Rose", nothing fancy a bit plain actually. So I heated it a bit, pounded and stamped and "spoonful of lovin" was created. It measures a 1 1/2' x 1/2", so it is pretty tiny. It will most likely make its way into a necklace.
Hope everyone is well and I look forward to catching up with everyone when I return. 


  1. Brilliant! You never cease to amaze. Thank you for that sweet glimpse. Enjoy the day!

  2. I love tiny spoons and what you have done is lovely!

  3. love this! now it waits to grow up...