Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tennessee has welcomed me home with some severe weather today...that is not very nice! Although, it is nice to be home. After we landed yesterday we stopped to visit our son Nick at school, I actually think he was very happy to see us, then home to 3 happy kitties and my nice comfy bed.

 It was a wonderful visit, typical fall weather with gorgeous glowing foliage. Got to see most everyone I had planned on visiting with and we attended the wedding of our good friend Scott and his new bride Valoree. It was a great day spent with good friends.

I also spent a few days with my sister Susan and her family and Wilson their silly dog. We did some antique shopping and I filled  my extra suitcase to the brim, it weighed 50.8 lbs...just over the allowed 50lbs, Southwest let the .8 overage go, how nice of them.


  1. It's always nice to get away but it's nice to come home too. Sounds like a great trip!

  2. Speaking of silly dogs, I am not sure that you can get sillier than a Weimerainer! Wilson looks just stunning in his glasses. Beautiful wedding couple and BTW you look gorgeous too! I think we got your bad weather a day ahead of you. Oh, my, but what heavy winds. Everything all right?

  3. Welcome home again. Hope everything is okay weatherwise.
    So, you went antiquing - whatcha find?

  4. What a great visit with friends and family! The picture of the puppy is too cute.