Friday, October 1, 2010

Gravitational Pull

Thanks so much to Miss Erin  for coming up with this great name! It was fun reading all of your suggestions, I so appreciate each and everyone of you and love all of the comments you leave for me.

So today I thought I was going to the Nashville Flea Market, I packed my "old lady" cart and got up early. I was excited to go as I needed to look for specific beads at Mary's bead booth. Thankfully I checked the calendar, the dang flea market was last weekend! What a bummer, I was so mad at myself! Last weekend we had a garage sale so I suppose that just threw me off....double dang!! So instead I need to go scout the stores for some specifics, not what I had planned....and shop for a new wedding outfit...oh joy! We have another trip planned for Connecticut to attend the wedding of a good friend. So I am off, wish me luck!


  1. I hate when that happens. Unfortunatly losing track of dates seems to happen pretty often for me. Must go with the old lady cart. I've got one too and I love it!

  2. I once went to a bead show that was two weeks away! I even dragged of friend. I guess I was really looking forward to it!

  3. Don't you just hate missing a flea market? Ugh! Hope you find what you are needing just the same.