Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Friend Lori the clay artist


I want to introduce you to a dear friend of mine from back home in Wilbraham Massachusetts, Lori Mader of Cedar Swap Pottery, she is a clay artist specializing in handmade wood fired stoneware and porcelain. Lori creates one of a kind pieces of handmade art intended for everyday rituals. I am so proud to call her my friend, she has such a lively spirit and brings such joy to life. On my last visit back home she gifted me with a wonderful selection of handmade stoneware and porcelain beads, beads not being the correct word as they are little pieces of art and so nicely detailed

In this necklace I used a stoneware piece glazed in a gorgeous color of gray/green/blue. I paired it with copper, jasper, labradorite and faceted hematite. I hope I did her proud. It has the organic look I love with a little elegance thrown in. 

Check out Lori's  website for pouring vessels, sake sets, bowls and oddities. 


  1. beautiful judy! you did both of you proud... and thanks for the introduction - i love learning about new (to me) people...

  2. Wonderful, Judy. The clay pieces are beautiful and you teamed the focal up with great selection of gems.

  3. You accented your friend's gorgeous piece perfectly Judy!

    BTW, thanks for the compliment on my necklace! The green raku bead came from The Beadin Path when I was on vacation this summer in Maine.