Monday, November 1, 2010


sim·pli·fy (smpl-f)
tr.v. sim·pli·fied, sim·pli·fy·ing, sim·pli·fies
To make simple or simpler, as:
a. To reduce in complexity or extent.
b. To reduce to fundamental parts.
c. To make easier to understand.

 The focal for this bracelet is a porcelain piece from my friend Lori of Cedar Swamp Pottery. I love how she created a channel for wire to wrap around the bead. The little reservoir was just calling out for something, so a the vintage dictionary word Simplify filled the space. The clay beads are from Pottery Girl on Etsy.


  1. Beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuul!! love that you've added some words on this stunning pottery piece!!

  2. A beautiful sentiment to remember, and a gorgeous bracelet!

    I check out the Cedar Swamp Pottery site but couldn't find any beads for sale.