Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love Shutterfly!

 I had purchased a Groupon for Shutterfly.com to make a photo book. I thought the book would be great to have on display at my shows and to use as a portfolio if I was to need one. Shutterfly offers so many design choices so your book can truly be one of a kind. I included some of my favorite pieces from this past year. Shipping was so quick and when my book arrived I was thrilled! I loved the high quality of both the paper and the photos. I am now a fan! I hope you will check them out.

On another note...I really want to thank everyone for their kind emails about my recent diagnosis. It means so much to me, more than I could ever express. I will keep you all posted. 



  1. Your book is beautiful and what a wonderful idea to have it on display at your shows. Very professional look my dear. Positive thoughts for your wellness...

  2. this is a fabulous idea! you are really so helpful - and astute at presentation... it's because of you that i use paypal... and now this! hope you are well...

  3. You always have such great ideas!
    So awesome to be able to look back on your favorites. Beautiful job. I have made these for my daughter but never thought to do one for my jewelry.
    Hope you are doing well,
    Shannon C

  4. Judy, that is a great idea! I've been thinking along similar lines for a couple of things. My children both use Shutterfly and have sent me some gorgeous little books. The quality is excellent. I just never thought of using it for my work. Thank you!

  5. Fantastic, Judy! I have been trying to make a book for presentation myself, but what can I say - there are only so many hours in the day. I will definitely look into this!
    Thanks for the heads up.
    And thank you for being you.

  6. I've been editing photos 24/7 so that I can make a book for a Christmas present. Your book just confirms that it is a worthy project!

    I am so sorry that you are going through your medical problems. I'm wishing you a full recovery soon!

  7. The book is delightful! It shows off your work in a funky and creative manner. Great job~~
    Glad you'll let us know about your health stuff too~

  8. Another great idea! You really are a marketer Judy! Your work is excellent and this enhances it so!
    Sending healing thoughts.