Friday, January 28, 2011

garden of hope...

 The tree of life stands in the garden of hope...

I am feeling just a bit melancholy as I pack my bags to head back to Connecticut. My dear mother in law will be starting radiation and chemo next week and I would like to be with her as she goes through this ordeal. The hope for the treatment is that it will slow the growth of  the cancer in her pancreas. Her pain has been intensifying and this is her only hope.

Ginger, my MIL had sent me a lovely card before I had surgery on my leg last month and the words of that card are with me all the time, "The tree of life stands in the garden of hope..." I will pack the card in my bag as a reminder of what we need at this time.

The above picture is a glimpse of a piece I made last night, a comfort I suppose and a distraction. I am not an overly religious person but find comfort in certain items.

Sometimes life just plain sucks, we never know what will be thrown at us, but it is how we deal with it that counts. Gratitude helps us deal with all those curb balls, I know it has helped me. So now this post has turned  sad, it was never my intention, I just never know what is going to come out when I start typing!

 Please share with me three things you are grateful for today, it may be hard or easy but they are there....tell me.


  1. you shared your thoughts and feelings - it felt right... and i am so glad you did... you and your family are in our thoughts... one of the truisms that have really sunk in the past year for me is that life is bittersweet... balanced...
    best of luck to ginger - i hope they can relieve her pain... and thank you for sharing the beautiful words...
    i love stamping into metal when i am feeling deeply - it channels the abstract and makes it tangible...

  2. Hope is a good thing.....Maybe the best of things

    Thankful for my loving husband that got up 5:30 to make a dish for my sewing group.

    Grateful for my children and grandchildren

    Grateful that my parents gave me and my brothers and sisters the greatest gift a child can receive parents who love and respect each other.

    Judy your visit with your mother in law will be greatly appreciate. My prayers are with you Take Care Pam

  3. Judy, I'm so sorry to hear that your mil has pancreatic cancer. How kind of you to go and be with her during such a difficult time. Our health is something that most of us take for granted until there is a problem. This is one of the many things I am greatful for! God Bless you and your family, you'll be in my prayers and thoughts.

  4. Judy, I'm so sorry that someone you love is in such pain. For all of the sorrow of a serious illness, there is a secret blessing for the one who goes to share the sorrow and give the comfort. Those moments with someone you love are beyond expression. My prayer is that God's will be done ... but hopefully Ginger be with you for more years to come.

  5. Judy, your family is now on my prayer list~ It is a beautiful thing you are doing by going to be with her.

    3 things I am thankful for today:

    I am also caregiver to a family member going through chemo. My grandfather deals exceptionally well with his treatments and is a pure joy to be with.

    I think maybe I am finally starting to kick the sick that has been eating my days of late.

    Yesterday my mother smiled the most sincere smile I've seen on her face in many years. That's a joy that will hang around my heart forever.

    Much love to you, and may you both fly on the wings of an angel.

  6. This is a sad thing Judy. I hope your time with her is filled with peace.

    I am grateful for my animals which give me so much joy.
    I am grateful for a husband who helps me when I need it.
    I am grateful for 12 months without another sorrow.

    I wish Ginger time free of pain. And you and your family the best you can do.

  7. Ahhh Judy, so sorry that your MIL has this awful disease...
    Three things:
    1. Being able to make ladies smile during their mammogram. Thank you God for the gift of small talk! This gift helped today go so smoothly.
    2. My orange kitty siting on my desk in front of me right now....playing with my computer.
    3. I feel healthy! At 53, I'm realizing more and more that good health is a huuuugggee gift. Especially when I hear of your MIL...Bless her, may the treatment be effective.
    Sending you love. You are a gift to us here in blogland...

  8. I am grateful for a kind and caring husband.
    My purring silly kitties
    being able to walk!

  9. Judy - wishing you and your MIL much strength and love.
    Thankful - for a wonderful husband that supports me every way he can - for the very special connections to people - for health.

  10. Judy-
    It sounds like you have a wonderful mother in law! You are so blessed!
    Grateful today for my mom!

  11. Judy
    Safe travels and hugs to you and your family.
    I'm thankful for a husband on his way home, a pile of pretty paper under my dining room table, and the peace of a Saturday spent without speaking a word.
    Take care!

  12. I'm really sorry for all you're going through. And I never have the right words, either. :-(

  13. Judy, I'm so sorry to visit today and find that you are going through a difficult time. And I feel especially for your MIL - she sounds like a wonderful person. I will pray for you both. I hope things have been going smoothly with her treatment, and that she is comfortable and getting lots of TLC!
    I'm thankful for...
    1. a warm cozy house
    2. My 2 year old who says "I love you" randomly and on a whim.
    3. the comfort of knowing I have true blue friends.

  14. Hi Judy...hope all is going well. I wanted to share this singer with you. I just happened upon her the other day and I think you will like her...this song is great. The link is to the YouTube video. If it doesn't work, search on Adele and then listen to "ROlling In The Deep"....enjoy.