Sunday, January 16, 2011

I am rolling once again!

I finally feel as though I am back into the groove of life, I am back to driving ( 5+ long weeks since surgery) and I am especially liking that since I have a new ride. We found what we had been looking for and finally broke down and made the purchase last week. A very sweet Volvo XC90 in navy blue. 

So where did my new ride take me yesterday?...a bead show in Nashville. Here is my sweet little stash.

 Do you think I am stuck on one color? I just can't help myself, my hand goes to them like a magnet. The dealer at the show told me the tube shaped beads were some type of Opal but I think she is wrong, I am thinking Amazonite,what do you think? 
I go to this show especially for A.D adornments.I love stocking up on filigree and her chains ( all though a little pricey, but so gorgeous!)

 Stunning Labradorite and Chrysoprase


  1. oooo Judy, I AM jealous, one of the Volvo {L.U.S.H.} and two of the bead stash {delish!}

    Glad you are back behind the wheel, and who wouldn't want to be with a set of wheels like that! ;o)

    Have a great week sweetie!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. Now you're giving me soup clues...should I go to the opposite side of the color wheel? haaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Judy, So happy you feel well and are out and about! Girl, you are stylin in your new ride. Beautiful new car and you have to be lovin the new car smell. Just look at all those goodies you bought, WOW you are going to have fun creating with those beauties! Enjoy your Sunday. Evie

  4. So glad to hear you can drive again. I had both knees replaced several years ago and it seemed like forever before I could drive again. What a beautiful ride you have now! Also, your goodies look scrumptious - can't wait to see what you do with all of them.

  5. Hope you love your Volvo as much as I have loved mine!

  6. Yeah! You are mobile under your own steam! I love those cool blues and I think you should just keep with what feels good.

  7. Nice car! Love your treasures - those chains are gorgeous. As for the tube beads - it is hard to say, could be any number of things, seeing as it has been color treated.

  8. I'm so happy you are able to get out and about, and in a sweet new ride! Love all the beads and findings you purchased. I've put myslef on 'bead diet' until I use what I have.

    Take care and don't overdo it!