Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What do you make on a snowy day?

Perhaps you make a nice cup of hot chocolate or a cup of hot tea with lemon to go with that yummy German Chocolate cake your girlfriend brought over to you...( I have the BEST friends!), yes that is what you do indeed. 

With the gray skies and flakes of snow falling I also made this assemblage bracelet I am calling Rhinestone Ice, the name is fitting for a day like this.

Rhinestone Ice was created with a Victorian steel cut buckle and some filigree pieces that I applied some wonderful Indigo patina to. A vintage rhinestone brooch tops this assemblage. I was lucky to find some awesome vintage chain in a silver-tone that worked great in finishing this piece off.

If it is snowing where you are today, I hope you are all snuggled in doing what you love. There is something said about a snowfall, it can be so peaceful and beautiful.


  1. Its simply stunning!!!!!

    And by the way, I just read the quote from Erma Bombeck on your sidebar, which nearly brought me to tears.

  2. this is so beautiful!
    how's your snow there. ours is light and hoping for more : )

  3. Judy this bracelet and it's name are perfect for a snowy day. Beautiful. Happy creating...

  4. I like the monochrome colors of this piece and it perfectly reflect those pewter gray skis of winter and snow on the way.

  5. Wonderful bracelet, Judy - that buckle has me sighing...
    Hopefully you are only getting enough snow to enjoy.

  6. Gorgeous Judy! No snow here, but somehow school ended up closed anyway?

  7. Judy, this is really beautiful.