Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friendship and a MOP Button Giveaway

I teased y'all about my button stash a few posts backed, but since have decided to share a few pictures of the gargantuan carved mother of pearl buttons I have. These beauties measure a whopping 2 inches across, surely the largest I have ever seen! 

These are sure nice to look at and hold in your hand. Each one is unique with its carvings and irregularity that only mother of pearl can have. 

Was created from some small mother of pearl buttons, used as dangles on a vintage chain along with old glass beads.  I also used a brass medallion that was once used on an old dresser, this piece is the platform for another button and silver bee. A vintage dictionary definition is forever preserved in resin dangles below and gently reminds us what a friend is.  

When you move this piece the sound is like seashells rolling in with the tide...so fitting for the old shell buttons. 

You can find Bee a good friend here  

 So tell me what does it mean to be a good friend? Has someone been a really good friend to you? Or have you been a true friend to someone...pat yourself on the back and tell us about it. Good friendships are inspirational. Share!

By sharing your story your name will be entered to win some of my fabulous buttons....post to Facebook and tell me about it and you get another entry, the same with Twitter and so on. Share the love and so will I!! 
Giveaway will end  on May 25th and the lucky winner will be posted on Wednesday May 26th.
(I changed the original end date,due to computer issues)

Here's the loot you can win!!
The largest button measures 1 1/2" across.

Share your stories with us!


  1. The buttons are gorgeous! Such a wonderful necklace you've created!
    A true friend is being there for your friends when they are in need! I love to be able to go to my true friends during difficult times.

  2. That Necklace is stunning..almost wrote "stung"ing..hehhee..wow that was corny,but I couldnt resist.A friend is..being a good listener.Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. Judy your Bee necklace is a true work of art and I love the message it sends. Since I would like to be the recipient of your wonderful buttons I will tell you my friend story. My BFF has a step mother that she just cannot tolerate. I however really love her stepmom (SM) who is turning 90 June 30th. Several years ago I made it my duty to always be the buffer for my BFF. So every year we take a road trip and spend a week with SM. I take all the brunt of the long drawn out stories and challenges of house chores and cooking and eating and trying to please her. I never tire of SM and realize how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy her and her amazing life she has lived. My girlfriend cannot understand why I like SM. That is how I can be a truly good friend and honor a wonderful woman at the same time. Thank you for letting me tell my story and realizing how good it feels to be a good friend.

  4. Wow - love your necklace and the buttons are adorable. A good friend to me - he/she is a rock. You can rely on and he/she is around when you need her. I'm a lucky girl because I have friends who are my rock:-) I feel blessed about that.

  5. A good friend is someone who understands you, listens, and is there when you need someone to talk to no matter the time of day.
    Beautiful necklace; the bee is one of my favorite symbols. And I love the giveaway selection - fingers crossed!

  6. Love buttons! That's a great necklace!

  7. I have some beautiful UF bracelets waiting for the perfect closures, I think I've found them hehehe...
    A friend will help you move...
    A good friend will help you move the body...
    Big smiles and thanks for the giveaway of these gorgeous buttons!!!

  8. I really don't have any good friends except my husband. I only mind that sometimes. I have made many new friends in the bloggity world and I would consider many of them friends who I can talk to about most things even if we have only met in person once or never at all.
    Great buttons and I love your jewelry :-)

  9. Love the buttons! A good friend is always there for you and never judges...if they run with me, it is even better :)

  10. How did I miss this? Such lovely buttons!
    Friendship - it means so many things to me, that it would be impossible to list them all here. Shall we say - it is a form of love...

  11. I love buttons of any kind. Those are wonderful.

  12. a good friend is always there when you need her. you can share your deepest secrets and know that they are safe. we're going back to Cali next month and i can't wait to see her. i miss her so.

  13. Super! To be a good friend... you anticipate and act on those things that your friend values. I have good friends all across the globe who get to know me, who love what I do and who share their passions with me. I love to get connected to what they are all about. That is how I am a good friend. Thanks for sharing your bounty! Enjoy the day!

  14. Those buttons are incredible. I can just hear them in the necklace - beautiful job on it. A good friend is there for you no matter what - she listens, doesn't judge, gives you hugs when needed and sends chocolate when appropriate(that's my BFF's & my joke). I am so fortunate to have a wonderful one. She has moved to another state but we still are one another's support and either one of us would drop what we were doing to help the other. I am so lucky.

  15. Those buttons are fabulous! And so is your necklace with all those little button dangles!
    Being a good friend is listening with a sympathetic ear, never passing judgement, and being supportive.
    Thanks for the chance to win!