Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Fare and Feel Your Boobies!

I checked two things off my list today....Mammogram and the dentist for a cleaning and oral cancer screening. I am a little frightened or should I say "terrified" of these cancer checks since I was diagnosed with the invasive melanoma on my leg. Every little blemish or sore I think is cancer, the Dr. says that is normal...I get to see the surgeon on Thursday for the fun all over check. Every 3 months for 5 years, something tells me we will get to know each other quite well. So ladies, just a reminder to feel your boobies too!

I go through phases of what I create and lately it is with found objects or vintage/antique pieces. In this piece it was the antique brass connector that told me what to do. You can find the connectors here. I added a vintage bridge token, a few rosary beads as well as an antique watch clip as a closure.



  1. Judy, I can see why you'd be gun shy about every bump and dot ... it's natural. My mom is a breast cancer survivor ... it's been about 15 years ago now ... but I know the 5 year mark was something of a victory. :-) The necklace is beautiful! Very dramatic!

  2. Oh, Miz Judy, you will get through this looking at every spot in a very suspicious scary kind of way. It's been 12 or so years for Peter and THE melanoma. We still take it all very seriously and never let the exams slide by. It's scary but each check up that you have will make you feel that much better about the future. About those boobies....I'm going to get mine scheduled. It is time. It is probably past time. It's good to get the reminder.

  3. Hope everything comes back okay. I finally had my first and was scared to death, but all is good. Love the necklace and the photos are beautiful!

  4. I bit the bullet earlier this year and did my mammo. Years ago the first two I did were easy, but the third had me in tears with excruciating pain. I went about four years without having one, but after my mom was diagnosed with stage IV melanoma I realized I need to take good care of the only body I have.

    I hate the waiting part....

  5. Thanks for reminding everyone to check the boobies. I'm a 4 year breast cancer survivor! It is normal to question everything you see or feel after a diagnosis like that. A motto that has helped me with that anxiety is: wait 2 weeks (unless of course it's urgent), then if it still worries you, go have it checked out. "It" has always gone away in two weeks.
    I love the necklaces you're creating these days. And the pic's are wonderful, too!
    Good health wishes to you!