Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Our family is small, my husband, myself and son.

We all have had Lyme disease.

My son had what is normally seen as Lyme disease, flu like symptoms and the bulls eye rash. He was treated with antibiotics and within a few days was feeling fine. One spring my husband complained of severe headaches, fatigue, muscle pain and drenching sweats. After a visit to the ER and a spinal tap he was sent home with no diagnosis. As days went on he could not lift his head off of his pillow without severe pain. He later would be diagnosed with Babesiosis a tick borne disease. The following year I noticed a bulls eye on my leg and began experiencing malaise, neck pain and headaches, I was sent to the ER and was later diagnosed with Central Nervous System Lyme Disease also known a Meningitis Lyme. After many hospital and Doctor visits and  4 weeks of IV treatment I started to feel better, however it took me about 6 months to feel like myself. I found it hard to read and remember words and I was fighting fatigue constantly.

Yes, Lyme Disease is scary stuff!

We no longer live in New England where Lyme Disease seems to be more prevalent, but it does not stop me from being cautious. We have three cats and we are constantly checking them for ticks. This spring has been a horrible season for ticks in Tennessee
so I am in high alert constantly. I know what a tick bite can do to you,
I hope now you do too. Get informed and stay safe! 

 "Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread by the bite of an infected tick. Although not every tick carries the Lyme bacteria, caution must be exercised, especially in tick-infested areas. Not so long ago, Lyme disease was considered only rampant in Lyme "endemic" areas, however this nasty and complicated disease may be found throughout the entire United States and Europe. Additionally, ticks carry a wide variety of other serious bacterial infections. "


  1. Oh Judy I am so sorry. Last year we found 3 or 4 aphids on my daughter. My husband had one on him this afternoon, from our yard! We are very cautious to check ourselves and our 2 year old because ticks are so scary here in Upstate NY. Our neighbor got chickens specifically because she got Lyme while pregnant almost 19 years ago and almost died. I am so glad for the awareness and that you are all alright.
    Shannon C

  2. Wow you have been through alot with that. Thanks for reminding us to pay attention. Ticks are scary little creatures for sure.

  3. Ticks are a real plague - my cats have them all the time - I develop a real mania as soon as the weather gets to about 10°, constantly checking... the diseases they transmit have been becoming much more prevalent here in Europe...

  4. Hi Judy..It was soooo nice meeting you today..Sorry you're having to deal with Lyme's. It's such a silent disease, which makes it so scary!
    Thanks for the compliment on the blog. It's still a work in progress. I'll do the Follow also, thanks!!! Any other suggestions would be wonderful. Can't wait to work with those little cast iron pieces I got today!!

  5. So sorry to hear how your family has suffered with this awful disease. Living in the middle of the woods we are very cautious about ticks. Our dogs are treated with Frontline Plus each and every month even during the winter and we are constantly checking ourselves...we have a lot of ticks also....I hate them.

  6. i'm terrified of ticks now that we live in TN. i have enough health problems already. i'll pray, pray and pray that i don't get bitten.