Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Believer

 My intentions for today was to post and show you three necklaces I created from old rosaries....but I ran out of time, so I will only show you one piece and save the others for another day.

I found these beautiful glass rosary beads at the Nashville Flea Market last month, they have the image of Mary embedded in each bead, in addition I thought the color was great as it is not common at all.
I created the pendant from a fabric scapular and preserved it in resin. I was very happy with the outcome, my first time doing this technique to fabric. Tiny turquoise beads along with some very old filigree compliment the rosary beads nicely. It is a super lightweight necklace to wear. You can find The Believer  in my Etsy shop.


  1. Judy, that pendant is spectacular. It's perfect for those unusual beads. I don't tend to gravitate towards whites, but those beads are so special and the turquiose brings just enough colour. Really nice!

  2. Ok ok my beating heart cant take it!!Your work is always oh so beautiful!!Now I have to ask..what is a fabric scapular ?Hugs,Cat

  3. beautiful work! Nice technique, I have some old scapulars also, and some broken rosaries from my grandmother...
    THanks for sharing.