Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So what do you think? all honesty I truly want to know what you think of this bracelet,
and no fluff either.

I have lots of old mother of pearl buckles and I never quite know what to do with them, this piece just kind of evolved one day. It has been sitting on my photography table for about a week as I am still trying to decide what I think.

So, since we have this great blog platform I figured I would ask you .

This piece is a combination of styles, vintage, modern, eclectic....It actually is so comfortable to wear and very lightweight.

so, sock it to me, I will still like worries.


  1. I like it! I actually have a few MOP buckles myself, and thought of doing something like this with mine, just haven't got around to it

  2. aaaaaagaaaagaaa..Cant speak..You keep blowing me away...Really? Do I really need to answer..Okok,,Its gosh darn stunning!!No fluff here!Hugs,Cat

  3. i can't tell scale..i like large things..but from what i can tell i really like it

  4. Well I love it. I have old bits and bobs like that as well, but I am never sure what to do with them. It is genius to add that piece of leather. And even more brilliant is the filigree on the top. All the loops mimic the daisy. It is soft and pretty and Victorian with a modern edge. I think you have hit on something here, Judy. I wish that I could come and play in your studio! Plus your photography ROCKS!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. I like a question for honesty:-)

    I love the MOP and I love the leather with metal attached to it. In other words, I like the combination which is so contradictory. The buckle is sweet and girly and the leather is tough and cool.

    The chain/rest of the bracelet I don't like so much in combination with the other two parts. I like it in itself, but here it looks like it belongs on another piece of jewelry.

    No fluff:-) But then maybe it is a question of taste:-)
    - Pepita

  6. i LOVE it! I love the colour of the mop and the leather {and how you've attached it}....the chain is unusual too! gorgeous!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  7. Seriously, I love it! It's that piece of leather with the filigree that brings it all together for me.

  8. Well, you answered one of my questions right off. There are lots of pieces that look beautiful, but don't wear very well. Since it wears comfortably, the only other concern would be, does it spin around and the buckle hangs on the bottom side? Because you already know the design is gorgeous, right? The style is fresh, innovative, interesting...if you weren't such a nice person, I'd just be downright green with envy. Instead, I can just be thrilled to know you and hope it will rub off!!

  9. Wow, what can I say...I did not expect all these amazing comments!
    The bracelet actually fits nice and snug and does not move about. The chain is vintage and actually went to a necklace. I chose that chain because it was lightweight and it was the the most flat and it already had the fold over clasp and could clasp on to the buckle so easily.

  10. If I'm being brutally's really quite lovely. I agree with previous posts. It's a good use of the buckle, with it's built in loop and slit. I love the leather through the slit, with the filigree. Vintage with a modern twist!

  11. I really like your jewellery. Now you asked for an honest opinion. The bracelet looks very good except for that leather piece and the slit in the buckle. I find it disturbing. (No fluff is what you wanted!) The chain is lovely!

  12. Honestly? Here goes...

    I love it!! I love the uniqueness of its style. I love things that are not entirely symmetrical--this piece rolls together symmetry of the band with a break in that symmetry using the buckle. I am inspired!! This is beautiful, Judy!

  13. I love it. Seriously!!! I love the different textures with the MOP, sleek silver and the leather. Also I love how eventhough the colors are neutral, each one stands on its own.

  14. To be honest, when I first saw it I thought ewwwww. . .not so much.

    But, as I studied it some more, I realized that I would totally wear it. I really like the combo of unique materials, the feel of old and new, and all the contrast about it. The bracelet is an absolute conversation piece and simply would be fun to wear.

  15. Definitely a wonderful and unexpected combination of materials. I am wondering how it would be altered by using a piece of thinner leather...