Friday, September 2, 2011


Is is September already??? Lordy, Lordy, I sure would not know it by the weather here, It's been hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch and dryer than a bone. We have had hardly no rain in August. The pastures are drying up, the poor cattle wade into the ponds in water up to their ankles. Oh, please someone do a rain dance for us because mine is not working!

My little package from Bead Trends arrived yesterday with my September submission and the usual eye candy magazine. I feel honored to be amongst many of my talented friends. You can find my bracelet From the Earth on page 115.
I love the cube beads in this piece, the colors are made from shards of glass. These beads were a gift from my good friend Lori of Cedar Swamp Pottery. (If you ask her real nice and tell her I sent you I bet she'll make some for you.)
College boy just called and said he is coming home with company....I need to stock the pantry! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! Stay cool and be safe!


  1. Hi Judy, sorry to hear about your weather i'll do my best rain dance and send it your way...& your creation so unique... i just love those cube organic i am going to check out her shop asap. Jack and all his peeps have eaten me out of house and home this summer and have put many miles on my car playing taxi...and i have enjoyed every minute of it, they go back to school on Tues. it's going to be so hard to get use to such a quiet house...i always have the weekend though :)
    take care and enjoy yours ttfn Lana ;)

  2. Judy, I'm laughing hysterically with you... hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch. LOVE it! I'm so using that phrase! I do hope you get some rain... I love sun, but there needs to be a balance for Mother Earth's sake!

    Hope your holiday is lovely!

  3. Congrats on your submission!!That bracelet is STUNNING!!I looked at the Ceder Swamp Pottery site but where does she sell her beads?The cubes are totally cool!!Be sure to check out my blog..I have my first submission in Belle Armoire Jewelry..I know..your a pro at getting published..but its my first one and Im on cloud nine..Have fun your college boy!!Hugs,Cat

  4. I am giddy at seeing my bracelet on the cover. My box finally came tonight and I can't wait to sit down and read it :-)
    Hope it cools off for you.
    Shannon C

  5. Doing my best rain dance!!! It's been so cool this year in the Pacific Northwest, I only have ONE ripe tomato. Err

    PS My heart is slowly mending, thank you for the note.

  6. As to the weather, we can only to God for a rain.

    Your brace is so cute and pretty.
    Thanks for the link.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Software

  7. Congrats on your submission! I'm in that issue to on page 98!