Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Creative Jewelry

I am excited to say that I have two pieces in  Creative Jewelry. This is interweaves 10th edition and it is filled with 130 wonderful jewelry projects!
can be found on page 76

this piece is created with an antique brass cabochon pin, lampwork beads from Beingbeads.etsy, lapis and antique watch fob chain.

you can find this piece on page 116
Etched, hand stamped copper is the background for the metal cross, along with wire wrapped hematite beads, matte Czech glass spacers, rhinestone roundels and repousee copper beads.

I am still struggling to see all the wonderful creations made for the Bead Soup Party. I say struggle because of the blogger issues I continue to have. It seems I can comment on blogs via the comment link on my email but can not comment directly on the blog without Mozilla shutting off. It is most frustrating, especially when I have written a comment only to loose it.


  1. Congratulations!!! I'll be checking this out the next time I'm in the city. Whooo Hoooo!

  2. Love what you have done with the key
    Be blessed to be blessed

  3. Congrats Judy! Both you pieces are gorgeous!
    I'm having comment problems too!...very frustrating!

  4. Congratulations. Your pieces are unique and beautiful. Blissful Beading...

  5. Congrats, Judy! Lovely, pieces with great colour combinations. Blogger has been giving me problems like that too off and on. Annoying.

  6. Girl....you are so well-published...that is awesome. Those 2 pieces are beautiful.

  7. There is a lot of thought and work that has gone into the copper pendant....love the look...religious pendants are quite nice to wear once in a while.

  8. Hi Judy! I'm here for the soup piece--love that little leather link!! But, I wanted to comment up here because I saw your pieces in there right away and could tell they were yours without even seeing the name!! Congratulations

  9. Omy gosh how exciting!! I am so happy for you!! These pieces are stunning!!Glory B is oh so amazing!!Hugs,Cat