Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Texas Toast

We have been in Round Top Texas for the last 4 days and it is just a tad is sooooooooo HOT with temps over 100 each day!! I do not tolerate the heat so well, so to be out and about in this heat is just wearing me out! On the flip side of my whining I must say I have made some wonderful purchases! I am so pleased with the the show here in Round Top. It is more than just the show, its the Texas hospitality, all the cowboy "flavor" (yum) that I just love! Sheriffs on horseback, the western apparel and don't forget the long horns!

 My honey's name is Ed so this just caught my sweet is that! Unfortunately when I went back to buy the book is was sold.

Texas is in dire need of some rain, the pastures are all burnt up and the ponds are all dry and cracked. One rancher said today his yard had cracks so big his cats were falling in them! Yesterday we did get a few raindrops but it never really amounted to much in this area. Pray for Texas!

I have lots more pictures to share but Wifi is hard to find and very slow so uploading pictures takes forever. Hopefully tomorrow I can post them. I will leave you with these great pictures.


  1. Judy, I am so jealous! You're in Round Top!!! Oh how I'd love to go!! We have so many of the same interests. like antiquing... and those sweet boots you own! I sure hope you're wearing them (or is it too hot?)! Have a wonderful time & I look forward to more pictures!