Monday, October 3, 2011


We have been home for the past two days and I am still unpacking and going through all of my purchases from Texas. The following pictures are the large items, I will share the photos of all the goodies for my jewelry designs tomorrow. I did not want to over load you with so much eye candy your eyes would just pop! Most of the large items will go to my antiques booth at Bright's Antique World and some of the others are for my home. So here we go on a little tour of what came out of my SUV...and yes it all fit (my husband is a master packer!)..with room to spare!
 an old dress form, a couple of screen door halves (perfect for when I do shows) old signage letters, wire locker baskets, old mill work from a porch in Round Top and 4 wonderful vintage typewriters!
An awesome grain painted metal trunk and a vintage metal printing sheet, perfect for cutting up and using in bezels.
a vintage cowboy puzzle, metal stool and the coolest metal suitcase!
I feel in love with these new cement castings and some religious fonts.
Antique linens, vintage store displays and my absolute favorite....2 vintage garden chairs! 
I LOVE these chairs! I actually put them in the keeping area of my kitchen...they make me smile!
some old jars and beakers, transfer-ware, German clock, sewing box, Christmas scrap santas, a carved wooden hand and pottery.
...and lastly a vintage watering can and teddy bear.

Tomorrow I will show you all the other treasures. Today I am trying to organize them, I literally have no room for all of the trinkets so I am cleaning out some beads I no longer use and will be having a bead giveaway starting tomorrow, so be sure to check back.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a successful trip. Thanks for sharing it with us. Looking forward to seeing what treasures you got for jewelry creations.

  2. Hi Judy, wow you have great eyes for treasure..i love those chairs..i be back tomorrow...feels nice to be bloggin and catching up with everyone.
    Happy Monday ttfn Lana ;)

  3. Holy cow! What AMAZING goodies you came home with! I just love those chairs...and watering can...and architectural salvage...and...and...and...

  4. Looks like you had a great adventure in Texas!

  5. Excellent - amazing haul, Judy! What lovely treasures. Love the trunk!

  6. Let us know when these things go to your booth. I will have to make a quick trip up. It all looks so cool.