Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Today I made my new favorite piece I call "Texas". It is created using some treasures found on my recent trip to Texas. It is kind of whimsical, it's fun and very cowboy-ish! Love it...hope you will too.

Six shooter embossed charm, old horseshoe, antique Gold Medal adv. charm, brass horse button and a vintage monopoly game piece. Mixed metal vintage chains. You can find "Texas" in my Etsy shop.
I forgot I still had these pictures in my I-phone..taken where else but Texas. Looking at them again I just can't get  "Dirt road" by Jason Aldean out of my head!
 It actually rained like 10 drops when we were there, enough to produce this beautiful rainbow.


  1. Oh, lordy, that is so Texas, in a really good way. It's like you captured the spirit of TX. Are you sure you are not a native?

  2. Very fun piece for all Texans and Texas-lovers!

  3. Love the necklace and the pictures.

  4. Great post! Some of my most fun years were in San Antonio and it just seeing those wonderful Texas pics makes me happy. Thanks!