Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vintage Beads

I came across these beads today and could not resist purchasing them. However....I am not going to keep them, I am putting them in my Etsy shop. Ok, yes I did keep a few bags for myself but the rest are for whoever wants them. If you love working with antique and vintage and new beads just don't do the job for you well these beads are awesome. Some really cool shapes and nice smooth wear, the pictures do not do them justice. They need some cleaning as you can tell, but who does not like a little natural "patina".
 The greenish beads to the left are actually to halves of a whole almost like a bead cap and they are faceted too! Nice matte discs and check out the cool green shapes!
Yes, those are rose shaped glass, and the really neat rectangle shape is side drilled on the top.
 I am sure most of these are Czech and early 1900's, with some vintage mixed in.
Aren't they just beautiful....yes I am an easy girl to please!


  1. Oh man...I'm heading off to favorite them and possibly see if I have enough money in the bank to maybe purchase a lot xD

    They're absolutely GORGEOUS!

  2. Ohhhhhh pretty! I wanted to buy them all but I restrained myself so others could enjoy. If they're still there in a few days I just might grab them.

    Thanks for sharing these beauties. I probably would have kept them all to myself.

  3. Ooooooh, these are yummy - I can absolutely see why you didn't want to resist them! Gorgeous shapes and the colours!

  4. You are gorgeous in green Judy! These are stunning!